Harbour Flats and Bluewater GO!

Well, following a poor wet season requires a ‘chin up’ attitude! There are still PLENTY OF FISH out there to be caught and the harbour flats are a superb barra haunt throughout the dry. Aim for the shallower waters where the water temps are a little higher. I love the neap outgoing lows….the Reidys Junior B52 in ‘Wasabi’ and Rapala 8cm Flat Rap are perfect for the job. Both Darwin and Bynoe can knock your socks off on a good day!

Out on the big blue, Jewfish, Trout, Golden Snapper and Emporer have all been on the chew from Dundee Wide. ProLates 130mm Vibes, Storm Rocker Jigs and Samaki Live Shrimps jigged around the 50mtr mark returned some cracking sessions recently.

Mudcrabs….Holy Mudcrab…they have been ON like Donkey Kong EVERYWHERE lately!!!Zman Minnows Barra

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