Keep It Coming El Nino….

CraigWell, as far as kick starting the wet season goes…we can’t complain. It was a ripper few weeks of rainfall leading up to Xmas and The Daly region has copped more than they bargained for. Spare a thought for the local residents that were evacuated due to widespread flooding in and around the community and lets hope the river can quickly drop to a level that can enable repairs to begin. In a perfect world I guess we would want the river to get to 11 metres and no more, a win win for the fishing and local residents….but beggars can’t be choosers.

The upper Adelaide copped it too, which will be great for the region above the Arnhem Highway boat ramp….an area that perhaps has lacked any real floodwater for a few years. This might just kick it back to life!

Reports at present include the roadside culverts producing barra for a short period. Lizzy Valley road, Darwin River and Manton culverts were amongst the few firing. Back up rain will be welcomed with open arms to keep these convenient spots on the fishing radar.

Shady has just started flowing….for how long is anybody’s guess, but I would think it will only be short unless the upper Mary cops another blast. Time will tell. Some good fish to 98cm have come from the barrage in the past fortnight so the fish are there around high tides.

Bynoe produced some nice Jewfish this week on both the artificial wrecks and reef systems. Fish were around the 110cm mark and took to local squid baits.

Keep an eye on the sky folks… the North Westerly’s and choose your moments to fish if you want to do it in comfort :-)



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