Keep It Up Huey!

It been a bit wild and woolly out there lately but the good news is it’s brought some heavy scud missile rains with it! Not as monsoonal as perhaps we would like but beggars can’t be choosers so we will take what we can get LOL! Our local culverts have began to fire, with a 95cm Barra coming from a Berry Springs location yesterday. Quite a few fish in the 60cm range have fallen for 65-80mm Squidgies and Reidys Rubbers in natural colours during the early morning and late arvo bite windows. The small 3.5″ Egret Wedgetail in colour ‘Chicken On A Chain’ still reigns supreme on the 3/0 flashy swimmer rig and has had it’s fair share of fish already amongst the local drains from Leanyer, to Howard Springs, Darwin River and beyond. It always pays to carry a few DOA TerrorEyz if you are looking roadside, these little favourites may not look much but don’t they produce the goods! Speaking DOA, Always a favourite on The Daly where the lower reaches have just re-opened from seasonal closure. There will be plenty of fish caught in the next few weeks. DOA Terroreyz, Squidgy 100mm Tru Blue, DOA Baitbusters and those 6inch Hard Bodies of course.

Bring on more rain…COME ON!!!

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