Raptor Jack Snax Live Series 7ft Suspending ‘Toga’


TOGA….Blow your Mind!


THE NEW SUSPENDING LIVE SERIES! These Suspending Raptor Jack Snax are designed by Darwin local lure maker Pete Davis and are designed to be worked between the surface and the 7ft mark. They will suspend in fresh water, and slowly rise in the salt. Featuring a solid polyurethane hard foam construction (no rattle) equaling similar density characteristics to timber. Solid through-wire construction and loaded with killer hardware, 6xstrong VMC trebles, s/s Wolverine triple coil split rings, these lures are TOP SHELF. As you can see, the finish on these lures are SECOND TO NONE!!!

From our big Top End river systems and flats to the North Queensland Dams……Bang ’em with a Jack Snax Suspender!

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