2014 Run-Off Anticipation……

Why do I have twinging stomach cramps? Why am I not sleeping well? Why do I have the runs? Why am I forgetting everything?

Welcome to the anticipation of perhaps the best Run-Off sessions we will remember! All this anticipation is getting the better of me and I’m suddenly feeling ten years younger. The word is out, the aerial pictures have gone viral and we are pretty much sitting bolt upright waiting for the day that roads and accesses re-open.

So far, the wet season has been everything we could have wished for and now we can only hope that the next month or so can continue the theme toward April. The Daly has been up for some time now, Shady Camp looks as good as ever, the top of The South is reported to look like an inland sea and I’m getting impatient…but I figure I’m only normal, I know I ain’t the only one.

For those few who aren’t facebook fanatics, check out the image inset…look at the water up on the floodplain top right of picture! That is Shady Camp…if you look hard enough, you can see the barrage. This image from Outback Helicopters went viral via our Facebook page late last week.

I guess the next few days will still see congestion at the roadside culverts until such time as The Arnhem Highway re-opens, but when it does it will be all go and I’m sure the ‘metrey’ images will follow.


Welcome to 2014 Run-Off folks…I’m Excited!


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