Culvert Mania Explodes…..

It’s that time of year again…and yes, we have a good ún this time. The local roadside culverts are in full swing now…they had no choice with all that rain! All the usual spots and some new ones to boot. Already, the double tail plastics are bangin’ some beauties as close as Girraween road and as has been proven time and time again…you can never go places without the famous Drop Bear Squidgies. The smaller 65mm version is favourable early on, but all sizes work throughout the year. Halco’s little 45mm Roosta Poppers and Bills Bugs Fizzers are working for the surface lovers around dusk and I’d expect things to get even better during the next week or so as the rain subsides.

Word on Shady Camp mouth is still a little premature….but I’m sure it will fire when the windy weather eases and the water cleans up. In fact, I’d put money on it……….



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