Cold becomes Hot Pelagic Action!

It’s a good thing that the cold weather brings on the bluewater activity because at the same time it dulls the barra scene! And as per every year, it hasn’t let us down at local pelagic hotspots with Lee Point’s Bottlewasher Wreck and Angler’s Reef holding big Spaniards in decent numbers this month. Metre long Queenfish have been frequent also and drifting big juicy pillies mid-depth in the neaper currents has been an easy tactic. Local landbased pelagic fishing has been best off East Point, chrome slugs such as the trusty Gillies Silver Baitfish in 25gm weight working a treat on fish to about 8kg. Some nice chrome barra have been amongst the catches there too, 15A Green Bling Bombers proving irresistable cast from the eastern end of the rocks.

In other news, it’s been a bit tricky with such windy weather but the odd blissful day returned big Goldies and Jew from reefs off Dundee Wide grounds. The snapper fishing in Darwin Harbour just keeps on keeping on, particularly in the deep channels from Larrakeyah to Six Mile grounds with fish measuring up to 60cm!

Inland, COLD COLD mornings have frozen the anglers :-) Fish to 64cm from Corroboree, Hardys is extremely low and caution must be taken when navigating the waterway. Hearing good fish reports from Four Mile Hole despite the excessive weed present.

Get out there folks…I hear there’s a Million Bucks to be won!!??


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