Daly On The Drop!

Wow! Feel that dry season air in the mornings….how good is that! Straight away I am reminded of those freezing cold early mornings shooting down The Daly with jumpers on, and here it comes again…the Barra Nationals is approaching fast, if a little too fast as the river still sits proud at 13 metres. Luckily, all locations behind it are beginning to fall, so I’d blame the big spring tides for holding it back. Come next week you would think it will drop fast….but what will be will be.

With destinations a little limited of late, It’s no surprise that Shady Camp copped a good touch up with up to 60 boats working the mouth of Sampan at any one time. Assuming at least two lures are in the water from each boat crew, that’s a minimum of 120 lures swimming at the mouth. As you would expect, fish were caught with many over the metre mark and as big as 121cm reported!

On the South, I’ve heard of numbers of small fish coming from Nourlangie Creek forks and floodplain edges but yet to hear of any rockbar activity.

The most common question of late….”Where can I go fishing and get away from the crowds?”. Well, where there is run-off there is normally a decent crowd so if fishing by yourself is important, think tidal water or travel afar. While many chase The Daly and Shady, our own Shoal Bay would be a good choice. With so many options up around the Little Howard and the like it can be bonza fishing there as reports of late have shown. How ‘bout Bynoe Harbour? Take a close look at Matt Flynn’s latest NT Fishfinder Magazine….zone in on the likes of Phoenix Inlet and you will find the world is your oyster. A huge harbour not far from home, neap tide flats fishing at its best…Bynoe is full of opportunities for both Barra and Bluewater fishing, rocky headlands around Indian Island holding big coastal barra, queenies and trevally and the outer reefs are prime for reef species, Tuna and Macks.

You don’t have to follow the crowds…… Be different, think different and you might just discover a new angle of approach for the time we call ‘run-off’.

By the way, the Big 17A Green Bling Bombers are here……come and get ‘em!



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