Pelagic Mania hits town………

Here comes the bluewater action thick and fast! Despite the winds causing a little havoc lately, there’s still been good catches coming from inshore grounds about the top end. Sailfish have been caught in numbers off Dundee Beach during the neaper tides, and close behind them are plenty of Spaniards and the occassional Mack Tuna. Closer to town, our Lee Point grounds are set to fire with the first showing of decent Mackeral appearing this week.

Jewfish Jewfish Jewfish….holy hell, are there some Jewfish about. My ol mate George Moussa has been slaying 120cm+ fish lately and he aint the only one. They have been thick on the neaps! Charles Point, Harbour Wrecks, Bynoe Reefs and Dundee’s inshore reefs are thriving Jewfish grounds right now. If you can’t catch one, you need to put your line in the water LOL!!

On the barra front, massive numbers of smaller fish are biting at Corroboree Billabong early in the morning, but the bigger fish are being elusive. The Finniss River has been quite productive on legal sized barras, mainly from the rockbars and trolling the mouth on bigger tides.

Watch the water temps…they always play a part this time of year, but then again who cares…just go fishing anyway :-)



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