Hold On To Your Hat Folks….

Well, well, well…..I don’t want to speak too soon but HOW GOOD IS THIS WET SEASON GOING! An absolute balltearer so far and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. The Daly has been up over ten metres a number of times already and for good lengths of time, The Finnis River region has copped a flogging, as has the rest of the big rivers to the east. Culvert mania has been taking place right across the top end in between rain spells and of course Shady Camp has been on the radar for many targeting a big barra. So far there’s been a few whoppers around 120cm caught but the consistency is yet to come. When it does, all hell is going to break loose at Sampan mouth and along the Chambers Bay coastal creeks! To say I’m a little excited is an understatement……



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