16A Psycho Bling HD Bomber


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Mad, Crazy, Psycho Bling is exactly that…Psycho! Take a bleeding mullet gold, add a flouro stripe and tail, with chartreuse belly and you have Psycho Bling. It’s LOUD and it stands out like few others……

With the swimming action of the world-famous Long A, plus an internal weighting system for precise, bullet-like casts, our A-Salt PSYCHO BLING 16A Bomber is a deadly weapon every shallow-water trophy hunter should have.

Its tight, tuned wiggle and outstanding fish-catching powers are protected by super-strong, ultra-high-modulus poly-carbonate and further enhanced by Saltwater Grade hooks, hangers and split rings. With BLING and Contrast, this colour scheme has proven too much for big North Australian saltwater Barramundi to resist!

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 160 mm