Classic Barra F18 Pink Bling™


Get it at Craig’s…..



The F18 features a unique body shape with defined lateral wings that increase stability and help to create a highly effective action when cast & trolled. A Narrow bib design improves casting accuracy.

Best described as a narrow version of the Classic120, this lure has earnt its fair share of accolades on big fish right across the top end of Australia.

Add to that, Craig’s exclusive Custom BLING™ Colour Range and you have some serious weaponry for almost any North Australian species. Our BLING™ range of Classic Barra F18 lures has been developed over many years of tried and tested combinations and the characteristics of both ‘Bling’ and ‘Contrast’ combine to produce an option for any water condition.

Furthermore, why not try something different? Choose your secret weapon….Get it at Craig’s!

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