Little Lucifer- Pearl Jam 2mtr


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Pearl Jam Lucifer- 2 metre diving- Exclusive to Craig’s!

The famous Little Lucifer is a standout lure of this size. With the Reidy’s fast tail beat, body roll & internal rattles this lure is irresistable to many types of fish. The lure body is made from ABS plastic & the bib is made of polycarbonate, the lure weighs 11g & is 65mm in length excluding the bib. The lure comes in 2 diving depths those being a 2 metre diver & the deeper 3 metre diver. The hardware along with all Reidy’s Lures is of high quality, the hooks being 2 x size 4 trebles & heavy duty split rings. The Little Lucifer is towed by the eyelet in the bib on both models. The Little Lucifer has a great reputation for catching big Barra as well as Mangrove Jacks, Yellowbelly, Salmon, Bream, Bass, Saratoga, Tailor, Trout & many other species from both Northern & Southern Australian waters.

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