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‘Methanol’ Reidy’s Junior B52…..Exclusive to Craig’s!

One of the latest additions to the Reidy’s range is the smaller B52. After many requests from fisho’s for a smaller version of the popular B52 the team worked on this version from September 2007 & have sent approximately 800 testing lures around Australia. The test feedback was excellent & from this there were minor changes made to the lure. The “Junior” will swim down to a metre & is slow to rise when paused making this an excellent lure around shallow snags & weed beds. With constant twitches of the rod tip the lure will dart & imitate a scared baitfish. The lure can also be trolled with success at slow troll speeds with gentle twitches of the rod tip for the dart & pause effect. The Junior B52 is 100mm & weighs 16g. The lure is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 2 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings. The body & bib are made from ABS plastic.

Additional information

Weight .125 g
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 4 mm

3ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft


120, 160