Rain On Your Easter Parade….

Well, I’ve never claimed to be a great weather-man so I won’t pretend to try….but I will say that the Easter period is looking at more than a ‘fair chance of rain’. I’m sure that’s thrown a proverbial spanner in the works of many Easter plans so what about a back-up?

I’d say Dundee Beach will be getting a fair touch-up given the facilities, the Pub on tap, and the barra and offshore fishing opportunities but even that one could come with some stress and/or excitement depending on the flood levels of The Charlotte river crossing. This one is up and down like a bride’s nightie depending on Litchfield region rainfall, so care must be taken to evaluate it’s severity on approach.

Those choosing to run day trips from home might be the smartest…. Shady Camp…Sampan mouth should be good for big threadies at the very least, if not the occasional big barramundi. It’s really only just come to life recently so aim for the top of the tide down there and don’t leave it too late to get back to the ramp for retrieval.

Around town, the big spring tides should open up some options from the back-side of East Point, the Deck Chair Cinema and Channel Island rocks land-based positions. In fact, the rocks around Cullen Bay and Mindil Beach have been holding fish in the high 90cm range, live bait the killer but I’m sure lure choice would prove deadly if you’re a thinker. Incidently, I’m blown away by the outcome of the newest to our Exclusive ‘Bling’ lure range, this time in the form of a Green Bling 15A Bomber, perfect for these land-based assaults. Watch this space for the arrival of the 17A monster!

Shoal Bay Rock will keep the locals entertained with again the top of tide being my preference for a big fish and whatever you do, don’t discount Buffalo Creek for a fish towards the bottom of the tide change. Load up on the Zerek 127mm Prawn Plastics in colour #03 or #08….work ‘em slow slow slow and let the barra suck it down before striking.



Happy Easter Folks!


B15A XGB 39980954

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