Welcome to The Wet??

You bewdy! So far, so good. All reports so far suggest we are in for a cracking wet season and it’s started with widespread monsoonal activity showing it’s face already. Having lacked any real wet season for a few years now, this one is vital for us so it’s no wonder we are all excited.

On the fishing front, the first rains have strangely ignited some terrific fishing in our billabongs. Maybe the barra are jumping with joy also, as there has been a number of 90cm fish caught this week.

Amongst the storms, the harbour flats have been electric coming off the neap tides. Last week I was there sight casting fish to 80cm and it was a great sight to see so many nice fish amongst the mangrove flats. That little Rapala Flat Rap 8cm and Reidys Junior B52’s were all we needed to get into ’em.

We are lucky up here. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can usually still stand a better than average chance of finding a fish to catch whether it be a harbour creek, land based location or roadside culvert. For this season, it’s only just started so hold onto your hats folks….lets hope the rain continues with consistency and the top end fishing world will be our oyster, again


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