Bring On The Bluewater

With a bit of luck, this weekend will be a winner out on the Bluewater. The south-easterly’s don’t look too bad with the afternoon breeze back to 10-15knots. Certainly the inshore reefs off Dundee would be a good choice for some bottom bouncing action and as we come back off the big springs and the big moon gone, I’d predict some tasty results. Grab some of the Gulp Squid Viscious plastic baits, rig them on a 3/4oz jig head and try them alongside your usual fresh baits and see what happens…. many people are pleasantly surprised.

While talking Dundee, the Tuna and Mackeral have been out in force so be prepared with some chrome slices and fast troll minnows for these powerhouses. If you’re real keen, it would also pay to rig a few skipping gar for a chance at a Sailfish out a little wider. To the north, Loee Patches is a quick trip for Goldies and there’s a heap of rubbly reef adjacent to Dunimmirie Island that’s always worth a drop for reef species.

Closer to home, these tides look manic for Spaniards at Lee Point. Anglers Reef rarely fails if you get the good oil slick and berley happening with a drifted Pilly or Sandmar rigged on gang hooks. Sometimes there’s no need for a float or sinker, just let it spin it’s thing mid-depth and make sure your drag is set for an initial hook-up because you can be sure the strike will happen while the rod’s in your rod-holder.

Within our harbour (and Bynoe for that matter) the Blue Salmon have been active almost anywhere you find some shallow reef. Pilchard baits work well for these and it often pays to use a running sinker rig on a sandy bottom nearby as I find the Salmon love scrapping it up off the bottom.

On the barra scene, what should I say….The Daly is anybody’s guess. It occasionally fires for two days on the big tides and then goes into shut down mode until it feels randy again. This year there really is no pattern to it. It’s more a matter of ‘having a crack’ and see what happens.

Inland, mixed reports from the Billabongs. Hardy’s has been kind to some, including me but it’s taken some sneaky plastics like the Zerek Prawn to entice them. Corroboree a little hit and miss although some crews are coming home quite satisfied.


Whatever you decide to do, it’s gotta be better than working!

Good luck!



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