It’s Tuna Time!

Well, seeing as the barramundi are on strike to some degree it’s even more reason to tackle the Bluewater Pelagics. The Long-tail Tuna are now showing up close to home with good sightings and casting sessions taking place just off Emery Point at Larrakeyah. One crew hit ‘em with the new Halco Outcast red-headed slugs and 1/2oz Maribou Jigs in a session that lasted for 10 minutes before the fish went deep. The sneaky sneaky approach is pretty important for these things as they can be very flighty if you get a little keen and power into them. Often the better approach is to sight the school and head up-wind, kill the motor and drift into them. Amongst these powerhouses can be even bigger powerhouses in the form of Mackies, so be prepared to lose some line upon hook-up. High Speed Spin gear really is the preferred outfit for this as a chromie will go out of sight without a bird’s nest, and accuracy amongst a quarter acre school isn’t that important! Our new Avgas Roosta Poppers also burnt a few Mackeral off Dundee last week, the fish around the 10kg mark. That’s not bad!

Of course, if these things are in the harbour then they are certainly outside the harbour in even bigger numbers. The Lee Point Reef Systems often hold good schools but possibly the Dundee Wide and Peron locations take the cake for the big footy oval sized schools. Spotting these schools is easy if the birds are working, and obviously flat conditions make it easier again.

Wherever your Bluewater assault might take you, make sure you are ready and loaded as it is often a short window of opportunity.

In other offshore news, there has been some flat calm reports albeit a little inconsistent. Keep an eye on the weather chart….it’s still South-easterly by the look so our harbours and inshore reef systems would be more likely to strike calm waters. Having said that, The Vernons haven’t been too bad either.


Get into it folks, any way you can!



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