Bring Us Some Rain…..amen

Although conditions are a little unpredictable this time of year, there has been the odd calm spell providing for good fishing.  On a good day with 3-4 metre tidal runs, Charles Point has turned Jewfish to 12kg on fresh mullet strip baits. Satay Chicken 7 inch Gulps banged quite a few Salmon for the same crew by jigging the inshore rubble at high tide.

Our harbour arms have held good numbers of Goldies, Pioneer Creek rockbars producing fish fit for the table. Small prawn and local squid baits did the trick at both ends of the tide although the low tide produced the best results which is often the case.

Landbased fishing copped a hit down at the Deck Chair Cinema grounds where Queenfish were responding to Marabou Jigs and small chrome slugs. The fast retrieve also snared Trevally to about 60cm.

In other landbased activity, Buffalo Creek was favourable for getting out of the wind and as such produced Barra to 76cm from the first corner rockbar. The new World Stage 90mm Dog Walkers are dynamite for this at low tides.

Dundee looked hellish this morning…..imagine a top load washing machine full of the top end’s own Pauls Iced Coffee. There was a strong north westerly blowing and so our trip was quickly extinguished in favour of…….an Iced Coffee!

Ready and waiting for rain…..can’t be long now….I hope.



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